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You are volunteering for Field Day

Date: May 17, 2019   (Start Time: 9:00 am  /  End Time: 3:30 pm)

Morning will be 9:00-11:30 and afternoon 1:00-3:30.  K-2 will be in the morning and 3-5 will be in the afternoon.  Thanks for volunteering!

Enjoy a day of fun with obstacle courses, bounce houses and other silly adventures.

Chairperson: Jenn Hilger (email:, phone: 614-406-1422)
9-11:45 AM
(9 filled, 3 still needed)
12:45-3:30 PM
(10 filled, 2 still needed)
All Day 9-3:30 pm
(5 filled, 10 still needed)

Current Volunteers

9-11:45 AM (9 of 12 filled)

Kim Norbuta
Leslie Bennett
Would love to volunteer when 3/4th are having their field day. Can only do half day.
Paula Lovsey Puleo
Jaclyn Collopy
Lavanya Vdyagiri
I can do in the moring K-2.
Kim Ebert
I’d prefer to be in an area with the kindergarten students please. Thank you!
Colleen brown
Ashley Goff

12:45-3:30 PM (10 of 12 filled)

April Everest
I am bringing my kindergartener in the AM (it’s his off day). Can stay and volunteer for the older kids in the PM:)
Jenny Byers
Jen Kagarise
Allison Colvin
Kelly Glass
Kristine Auddino
Leslie Bennett
Please remove me from am shift
Kathy Burke
Kathy Burke
Halli Tibbals

All Day 9-3:30 pm (5 of 15 filled)

Lori Alexander
I can help all day but I do have some limitations with my right arm due to shoulder surgery. So as long as I’m not doing a lot of reaching and lifting, I’m good.
Connie O'Barr
Julie Hume
Kristina Quatman
Andrea Gorenflo